Detailed report no. 22 of June 2004

Regulars' Table

I walked with Jane (you should pronounce her name the German way) a long the Alster to "Max & Consorten", Kai was already there and waited, although he was not long alone, Damian joined him. This new guy is an international exemplar of our species. He speaks German, English and French fluently, because he has lived in every country for a while!

Finally, Jane and I arrived, looking for something to drink. Today we became a group out of 8 "boys and girls" (or should I say "blokes and chicks"?): Nina times two, Thea, Sebastian and the four of us I already mentioned. So it was a rather small group in comparison with the other months! Nevertheless we had a lot of fun ...

Nina and Damian discussed theatrical stuff in English and French. Sebastian carressed Janes feet. Thea talked about school. Nina cutted some post cards and business cards for our group and so let off steam. But Nina and Thea decided to go to the street party at Reeperbahn, while the rest of us followed two hours later.

Christopher Street Day

There are a lot of people who tell me, they have not yet had a coming out or do not want to come out at all. So they could not come to our group. That's nonsense! Most people have not completely come out here. So it is no problem to come, whether as homosexual, bisexual or even as heterosexual!

Nevertheless we sometimes join gay parties. Some go, some accompany, some don't. And even at a gay party you have not a coming out immediately!

June, 11th to June, 13th was the main part of "Europride". And we had a bisexual corner at the booth of "mhc" and went with the parade. In the morning it was rainy, but then most of the time the weather was fine! Nina, Christoph and I were the main promoter for our group, but Marlies, Holger, Andreas and Sebastian also helped a lot! Andreas came from South Germany! He is the head of BiNe and had a lot of material.

Nina bought 6 balloons, I made flyers, Holger cutted, Christoph stayed at the booth, Marlies talked to interested people, we all did our part and sold a lot of bisexual pins. I think, we did good work, and there will be some new guys in our groups!

I joined BiNe, and we will get more support from them!

Finally I will mention the nice girls Nina, Luise & Viola, who made VIP-meals possible and had a lot of fun at the empty party in the evening. On the whole weekend I saw Cynthia, Damian, Ina, Malte, Michael, Paddy, Steffi, Thomas and more friends!

Special thanks to the mhc-team! We had excellent fun together! NOT that fun ....

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